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Helping Hands

What is Helping Hands?

There are people who need simple tasks accomplished that they can’t do, but someone else can. That is what Helping Hands is all about – connecting volunteers with people in need. This is an email based system built on the idea that the more people see the projects the better the opportunity that the right person will get assigned to the job they feel comfortable doing. It requires that each volunteer check their email regularly and is built on the assumption that someone will respond quickly to help. The following is the general flow of how Helping Hands works:
  • A request comes in for assistance with a small project.
  • Email goes out to ALL volunteers.
  • A volunteer responds to the request and agrees to help by replying to the email.
  • Email goes out to ALL volunteers saying the project has been covered.
  • The volunteer reports back by email that the project has been accomplished and any comments.

How Can I Request Help, or Offer to Help Somebody Else?

Send an email to Pastor Harmon, and put “Helping Hands” in the subject line. Or, feel free to fill out the below form to make your request and we’ll contact you.
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