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What is the Mount Olive Lutheran Church Endowment Fund (MOEF)?

The Mount Olive Lutheran Church Endowment Fund (MOEF) is established for providing an instrument through which members and others can further the support and Christian outreach of Mount Olive Lutheran Church. The fund is an outgrowth of Mount Olive’s Mission Statement:
                               God has called us (2 Timothy 1:9)
                                                to reach out (Matthew 28:19)
                                                                care for (Galatians 6:10)
                                                                                and build people toward maturity in Christ (Ephesians 4:13).


  • Helps aid students preparing for ministry in the church .
  • Assists in unique outreach ministry opportunities in our community.
  • Reaches out in mission opportunities here and abroad.
  • Supports select un-budgeted projects at Mount Olive.

Request forms for a MOEF grant may be obtained in the Church Office or by downloading the following form online:

Endowment Request Form

The current MOEF Committee members are: 
      Don Berlinski, Orville Geisler, Kevin Meador, Brian Pelepchan, and Kathy Pelepchan.

A goal of the Endowment Committee is to increase the corpus of the Fund and thereby improve the amount of interest available for grants. This will enable the MOEF to provide for additional worthy causes. Additions to the corpus may occur through:

  • Regular giving
  • Memorials in honor of loved ones
  • Will bequests
  • Life insurance beneficiary
  • Life Estates or Charitable Trusts
  • Stocks and Bonds

Current Endowment Ministry News

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